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Top 12 Wonderful Attractions you will feel refreshed

Sicily, Italy
Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and although it constitutes a region of Italy, this diverse island belongs to the world. With over 620 miles (1000 km) of coastline – 931 miles (1500 km) if you include all of the islands. The top places to see while in Sicily and all of which will make your vacation enchanting and unforgettable.

Sicily – Italy

Venice, Italy
As known as, the beautiful city Venice is the one of the most unique cities in the world. Most of part of this city on water is completely  open to tourists all year round because it has so much to see to suit every kind of traveler. The most fascinating thing about Venice is that it is a city on water, its routes are the canals where people travel by boat, gondola, water taxi. Between the buildings you will find narrow winding little streets, full of mystery and things to see.

Venice – Italy

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