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10 Most Captivating Islands Holiday in Europe

Many of you are faced with a dilemma of where to spend the ideal island holiday and most of you of course choose the hot tropical such as the Philippines or Caribbean islands. But what do you think of having an unforgettable holiday in European islands?

In fact, in Europe there are many wonderful islands, large and small. They are beautiful with vast levels of environmental and climate.  A big advantage of European islands is that resting on them you will not be cut off from the benefits of culture and civilization. In addition, they generally have a milder climate than the tropical islands. So, we present you the ten most popular, interesting and beautiful islands of Europe.

Corfu, Greece

Corfu is very popular among tourists because of its mild Mediterranean climate. In summer there is almost no rain, and the sea breeze with the soft sun will make your stay comfortable at local resorts.

Greece Island
Greece Corfu
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